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Welcome to DAVID WOOD SONGS. I am so glad you found your way here. There are lots of fun things for you
to see on my site. First off, there is the free music to listen to...yes, I said free music. I have full versions of all
my recorded music for you to "listen" to for free on this site. I have recently signed up with Indieheaven and
now you can easily purchase individual songs you might like or love as well as full albums of music. Hint...
buying the album saves you 20% so if you like all the songs in one album group, this is way to go. Besides
the music, there are tons of pictures to gander at as well as videos to watch and even a link to "some" of
my journal stories about lessons in everyday life. 82 of these stories have just been published and made
into a book called, "Pieces of My Heart". Click HERE to view to official announcement.
So I invite you to relax, look at some pictures, watch a video, read a story or listen to the music God has shared
with me and I am now sharing with you. For music, just go to the music tab above and choose an album and
you will be able to listen to full versions of all the songs. Check back often as I love to add new things to this
page. Following is a link to my daily journal. To view, just click on the following link.  DavidWoodBooks Blog Page

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